Cathy Park Kelly is a writer who lives with her husband and son in a sunny valley on the southern peninsula of Cape Town.

She is a qualified high school English teacher with an Honours in Applied Linguistics. She has worked with people from all walks of life, from teenagers and inner city artists to corporate suits and prisoners.

Her first book, Inside Outside, a memoir of teaching juvenile offenders awaiting trial, was quoted extensively by the (then) Minister of Correctional Services in a speech. This is the closest she’s ever gotten to Parliament.

She is also an entrepreneur who sells 3D design software on the side to support her writing workshop addiction.

She loves the idea of being a runner, but never actually runs. She does walk briskly though, as regularly as she can manage, and does yoga intermittently.

She has had non-fiction essays and short stories published in several South African magazines and anthologies. In December 2021, her second memoir, Boiling a Frog Slowly, was published by Karavan Press.

She loves how stories can crack open doors and offer seams of light in the dark.